• Edward Eng's Portfolio

  • Payment solutions for everyone

    Certegy provides faster and more efficient ways to securely connect retailers and consumers. Their technology provides both traditional and cutting-edge techniques for merchants to accept and verify payments.


    Certegy's clients vary in size from locally owned small businesses to the largest retailers in the USA, many of which have relied on them for over fifty years to provide check verification and warranty services, Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment solutions, and risk management expertise.


    I worked with product and development teams to roll out Certegy's Buy Now, Pay Later product. And I worked with sales and development teams to build and roll out Certegy's line of credit product for brick-and-mortar casinos.


    The Work

    + Business Development

    + Customer Relations

    + Product Management

    + Project Management

    + Software Development


    The Value

    + Allow clients to offer more ways for their customers to easily pay for goods and services.

    + Bring more money onto the floors of brick-and-mortar casinos.


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  • get all the deals in one place

    Wadd is a revolutionary app for people to find local, neighborhood, and nearby deals offering Wadd Points that can be redeemed for gift cards and goodies.


    I researched the advertising and marketing business tools market. Then I managed the wireframing and prototyping, development, and release of the Wadd mobile app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. I also onboarded hundreds of businesses into the app.


    The Work

    + Business Development

    + Data Management

    + Product Management

    + Project Management

    + Software Development

    + Team Leadership


    The Value

    + Enable businesses to advertise and market their products and services in a more cost-efficient way.

    + Help consumers quickly find nearby deals and reward them for visiting their favorite businesses.


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  • Saving You Money on Utilities

    Choice Energy Management is one of the nation’s most comprehensive energy procurement and utility management advisors. Choice offers industry-leading processes and technology-enabled solutions to help clients reduce energy costs, better manage budgets and lower overall risk. With unprecedented insight and transparency into individual markets, clients can make the most informed decisions around their energy and sustainability initiatives.


    I lead the development of our utility data management software that maintains the integrity of our customers’ data, ensuring profitability for them and Choice. Our customers use this utility data to optimize their planning, operations, and accounting.


    The Work

    + Business Development

    + Data Management

    + Full-Stack Software Engineering

    + Project Management

    + Team Leadership


    The Value

    + Efficiently manage large amounts of utility data

    + Save customers money on utility costs and prevent late fees


    Learn more about Choice Energy Management.

  • Protecting Your Valuables

    alertaBLE was our final project at Dev Bootcamp. We developed an Ionic app that connects a mobile phone to a tracking device using Bluetooth to help people keep tabs on their valuable belongings.


    I worked on the CSS and UI/UX of the app. This included making sure the app/phone was correctly connecting/disconnecting to the tracking devices via Bluetooth and properly showing that status via a toggle button. I also worked on allowing the user to give tracked devices nicknames.


    Tech Stack

    + AngularJS

    + Apache Cordova

    + Basic BLE device

    + Bluetooth

    + Ionic


    Team Members

    + Emily Green

    + Chris Massengale

    + Edward Eng (team lead)

  • Building a Brand from Scratch

    I turned getchee into a globally recognized brand within the GIS industry. This was a tough task as it took plenty of market research along with rigorous SEO/SEM trial and error. The result put getchee directly in front of multinational retail and bank brands searching for reliable demographic data solutions. Today, you can find getchee at the top ranks of web searches for retail market segmentation data in Asia and Africa.


    The Work

    + Integrated company-wide CRM system with website

    + Managed all content generation (English & Mandarin)

    + Spearheaded company blog and social networks


    The Value

    + Strategically positioned getchee as a leader in GIS

    + Grew sales pipeline and locked in deals

    + Improved company processes and efficiency


    Learn more about getchee.

  • Nurturing a Trusted Brand

    I helped establish AVer as a trusted tech brand by schools across the world. Our children and their education are some of the most precious blessings we have. It's only fitting that there's a lot of competition for classroom space.


    It took intense collaboration between many teams to provide the best tools for increased student learning and productivity. As a result, AVer has become the first choice in education technology globally among teachers, parents, and students.


    The Work

    + Developed interactive website and produced all content

    + Lead market research to support product development

    + Managed go-to-market strategies of new products


    The Value

    + Fostered strong customer loyalty and brand following

    + Increased sales across Asia

    + Cultivated a continuous innovator in education tech


    Learn more about AVer.

  • Making a Societal Impact

    English is the world's power language. It's the preferred language for global business. Aside from that, learning a second language such as English broadens your horizons. It's no wonder why many people across the globe opt to study English during their spare time. But learning a second language isn't easy.


    Realizing this, I took this opportunity to help students improve their English as a classroom teacher and a chief editor. At Taiwan News's, Bilingual Weekly, I had the opportunity to positively impacted students' lives across all age groups through fun and practical content.


    The Work

    + Composed fresh and exciting articles weekly

    + Implemented image filing and retrieval solution

    + Oversaw all published content of 4 magazines


    The Value

    + Prepared students to pass mandatory English tests

    + Bolstered Taiwan News's credibility amongst the people

    + Bridged Chinese and English-speaking countries


    Learn more about Taiwan News.

  • Making magic: the gathering affordable & fun

    Quiet Speculation is a leader in providing financial advice and technology for Magic: The Gathering players and investors. I publish articles to help tournament players figure out what cards to pick up before they spike in price and suggest cards to get rid of before they tank in value.


    The Work

    + Content Creation

    + Business Development

    + CRM


    The Value

    + Make Magic more affordable and fun

    + Help investors make wiser decisions to increase profits


    Learn more about Quiet Speculation.